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Curious Cloud Productions Presents

the World Premiere of



The Shakespearean Game-Show Event

Inspired by the Fools contained in the works of Shakespeare

In 2016 Curious Cloud Productions bring into being their latest exciting and imaginative new show, "Mocketh The Weak" - premiering in a 1-week run at this year's Brighton Fringe Festival and with a subsequent London-run also a distinct possibility, too!

“Mocketh The Weak”

The gameshow that pits wicked wits against hapless saps.

Who wins? You choose.  


Join us for our comedy Shakespeare Slam as “Argumental” meets “Jeremy Kyle”.

It’s Shakespeare, but not as you know it.

Curious Cloud have taken inspiration and fascination from Shakespeare's fools, clowns and pranksters in order to come up with their latest show.  It's easy to focus on the heroes and villians in Shakespeare's works, but sometimes it's just as to easy to forget those fools and tricksters in these plays - but Curious Cloud felt determined to celebrate these confrontational and cheeky little blighters and give them a stage all of their own.


Delving into numerous Shakespeare texts and drumming up a veritable rogue's gallery of motley fools, buffoons and jesters, the Clouds asked themselves the question "Just who or what would be a modern-day equivalent for these bawdy, irreverent, often offensive, characters in today's world?" 


And the answer, would you believe, turned out to be - Game-Show Hosts and Stand-Up Comedians


Warren Theatre

York Place, Brighton BN1 4GU

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£10 / £8 (concs) £7 (students)

Buy Your Tickets Online (click here)


Box Office: 01273 987 516


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Taking a truly fresh approach to the characters and language of Shakespeare, Curious Cloud's new production delightfully takes these characters out of their standard contexts and places them cheek by jowl with one another in the competitive arena of a 'TV studio' for the 'recording' of the latest episodes of their ongoing Game Show series - entitled "Mocketh The Weak" - a game-show that does exactly what it says on the tin - taking poor innocent and deluded Shakespearean characters and subjecting them to a comic roasting in the name of cheap prime-time entertainment!


In a wry commentary on the nastier side of popular light entertainment shows, Curious Cloud's production sees the dreams, delusions, desires, secrets and insecurities of these characters - both the Game Show 'hosts' and the poor hapless victims... oops, we mean contestants - played out in full public view for YOU to laugh at, ridicule and condemn!


Come along and witness for yourselves the public humiliation of your fellow man (and woman) as the Fools take over the Asylum and give you all a good excuse to Mocketh all those who aren't you!


Give your inner voyeur a treat!  Even better than a day out at the gallows!


Reviews for previous Curious Cloud productions :

"Great electricity in performance, it buzzed throughout" (Remote Goat)

"Great imagination with the set and scene changes" (Remote Goat)

"A talented cast" (Camden New Journal)

Book tickets:



Mocketh The Weak - 12-15 May 2016  (9.30 pm)


Warren Theatre

York Place, Brighton BN1 4GU (map)

Box Office: 01273 987 516


Tickets: £10 / £8.50 (concs) £7 (student)

can be bought online here:  Buy Tickets

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