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Photo Gallery for Something Wicked This Way Comes (2017)


"Didn't want the play to end. I wanted more."


"A great concept, it let you really push the characters to their extremes."

Photo Gallery for Mocketh the Weak (2016-2017) Brighton and London

Mocketh 2.jpg

"A twisted cross between Elizabethan genius and modern trash, - brilliantly expressive” (Richard Stamp,

Fringe Guru.)

Mocketh 3.jpg

“The kind of show we should see more often in the theatre” (Everything Theatre)

Photo Gallery for Phantoms of the Oracle (2015)

Omnibus Theatre, Clapham, London

"They pulled off these five adaptations with style and understanding" (A Younger Theatre)

"An imaginative and clever idea" (A Younger Theatre)

"Standout performances ... engrossing ... heart-breaking" (A Younger Theatre)

"A promising company" (A Younger Theatre)

Photo Gallery for Do Not Disturb (2014)

Theatro Technis, Camden, London

"Great imagination with the set and scene changes" (Remote Goat)

"Great electricity in performance, it buzzed throughout" (Camden New Journal)

Photo Gallery for Gizmo (2013)

Camden People's Theatre, London

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